Link building and page rank

Today i am here to discuss about Link building, page rank and how to build good links to your website.

Important: When you do link building, your website should be linked from websites relevant to your industry. Don’t spam by posting your website link in irrelevant web pages, if you do that your website will be totally removed from search engine index.

Google uses back links to asses the rank. The key is the links should be trusted links and it should not have rel=”nofollow”.

eg., <a href=”Your website” rel=”nofollow”>Your website</a>
And it should be like the following,
eg., <a href=”Your website”>Your website</a>

So have back links in websites that don’t have rel=”nofollow” in place. If there is no “nofollow” then value of your back link increases and you will be marked as a trusted website by most of the search engines.
Content is King” you have to remember it. Write content for visitors not for bots.

Most importantly, the websites you have back link should have a good page rank, and it can help your websites rank better. You can use majesticseo to track back links. Alexa shows a list of 500 websites that link to your website. To check your SEO impact you can use woorank. I am using woorank, it is a free tool that gets more information about your site seo, whether your IP is listed in spammer’s directory, your social media shares and impact on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.

Social media back links are extremely good, because that is the place your brand can reach millions. But Twitter and Facebook have nofollow in place! Still as i said, you can reach millions.

If you are having back link in social media, you have to make sure your web page link has relevant content to your post on any media. That can reduce the bounce rate. You can check our website that has moved to page rank 2 in one month with organic SEO. Also the Alexa rank has moved up quickly because of the valued back links.

Websites where you can have good back links are,

  • Google Plus
  • Facebook(nofollow)
  • Twitter(nofollow)
  • Tumblr
  • Dmoz (Is where your company should get listed, make sure you post it to appropriate category)
  • Blogger, you can create your own blog with links to your website
  • Boggerslisting
  • Yahoo business directory(Paid listing)
  • Digg
  • Social Bookmarking sites

Don’t forget to check Building high quality links.

If you need more information i can help you out. Feel free to contact me. Stay tuned for updates!!!

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  • GTK

    December 30, 2012

    Wow! Thanks for a detailed explanation about link building and page rank. I like this very much and it is highly informative.

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